Eun Bi Chang

Eun Bi is a passionate storyteller, animator and a filmmaker. She specializes in Storyboarding and has collaborated in projects such as "Dragons of Melgor" (13th Generation Productions), Steve" (Studio X, 2D), and "The Shower" ( Studio Meditation with a Pencil, 2D). Eun Bi has also attended 2016 Annecy International Animated Film Festival as a speaker to present <Work In Progress - The Shaman Sorceress> with the Studio Meditation with a Pencil. 

Away from Cintiq and drawing desk, Eun Bi enjoys an active lifestyle including weight-training and taking dance classes. She is also an avid moviegoer. Since she has lived in many different parts of the World (South Korea, New Zealand and U.S.) Eun Bi  has an immense appreciation towards all cultures.